This project arises from the need to generate a summary of activities registered in a Google SpreadSheets, and which in turn can be used to generate a Google Docs sheet with the grouped items of according to certain criteria in the spreadsheet.


This need was presented to my mother who is a teacher and director in charge of her institution and required to generate a report with the information of the activities provided by her colleagues. This process used to be done manually which took a long time. So, I saw that it could be done taking advantage of the collaborative work offered by Google GSuite and then, by means of this extension automate the process.

The interface of the extension is designed for this specific scenario. However, since the source code is open, it can be used to generate other extensions for generic use cases.


The extension performs two main tasks:

  1. Generate the summary of activities. Through this function a general report sheet that groups the activities of all the classrooms of the institution.

  2. Generate the Google Docs document. From the summary sheet, generates a list of activities grouped according to age criteria and date.

For instructions on how to use it, you can visit the page Instructions.